7 Nov

As someone who breaks out in hives at the sight of a princess-cut, “fairytale” and “jewels” are not two words that often sit happily together in my lexicon. However, fairytales – albeit slightly macabre ones – are exactly what is evoked by the breath-taking bijouterie of Delfina Delettrez.  Her highly covetable collection is like an enchanted garden of frogs, bees and butterflies, with a handful of whimsy thrown here, and a pair of candy-red lips glittering through the undergrowth there. A smattering of evil-eyes, a lock of hair, and some scissor talismans bind the whole lot together with an aura of superstition and quirk that is reminiscent of  trifari/vintage cartier/grandma’s attic.

What you will read about Delfina is that at just 23 years of age she has been quick to cast her spell over fashion’s elite, with her jewels recently appearing  flung over the mainly-bare bod of Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar Australia, as the kooky eyes of Karlie Kloss in numero mag, and in Giovanna Battaglia’s journal for W magazine.  She is based between Roma and Paris, is involved in numerous accessories-based side-projects (eyewear with Alain Mikli and shoes with Zanotti amongst them), and has a thing for skulls. Importantly, despite being a scion of the Fendi empire, there is nary a hint of nepotism about her success – although scoring an internship with uncle Karl when she was practically in nappies might have helped on the inspiration front.

At this point I should mention that Delfina is no discovery of mine – in fact I was introduced to her creations via my boyfriend, whose  finger is placed more firmly on the pulse of fashion than mine will ever be. He bought me one of her bracelets for my birthday earlier this year – a darling chain of tartarugas that shreds every article of clothing I wear it with. Thankfully, Harper’s appears to have given the green light to birthday-suit accessorising, so we can now all gad about in nothing but Delfina’s gems and a turban….leave your glass slippers at the door.

butterfly cuff by Delfina Delettrez

frog prince ring by Delfina Delettrez

pearl eyes necklace by Delfina Delettrez

delfina + miranda - harper's bazaar, november 2011

delfina delettrez bracelet

Want more? You can visit the Delfina Delettrez website here, see Garance’s take on Delfina’s work here, or buy yourself a bauble at luisa via roma or at opening ceremony.


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