23 Nov

I’m a sucker for high heels. I blame my Capricorn zodiac; clearly, the mountain-goat in me has a cosmic and biological imperative to aim for maximum elevation at all times. Unfortunately, such a lofty ambition has complete disregard for the fact that (a) I’m the sort of girl who likes to do high-kicks (and just generally kick things) as part of the day-to-day; and (b) I carry out the former without any hint of grace, balance, or poise.  Thank goodness for the existence of the wedge heel, otherwise my life would undoubtedly be one endless string of Jessica-Stam-in-Chloe-Heels moments.

Obviously, I cannot resist any shoe that is both beautiful and practical, in manner of Swedish furniture, ideal husband, etc. Thus:

Printed Wedges by Theodora & Callum for Stuart Weitzman from Shopbop

The latest addition to my wedge collection. I think the rationale at the time was “I need some island-holiday shoes”. Pathetic justification aside, I simply love them. Theodora and Callum (who made a name for themselves with their fabulous printed scarves) collaborated with Stuart Weitzman to produce these as part of a range of punchy, exotic, perfect-for-summer shoes. Happily, I purchased these on sale at Shopbop for a little over a hundred dollars. Mystifyingly, I then found clone-wedges peering out at me from the pages of December Vogue for $555. In retrospect, it appears that pathetic justification was trend-spotting-fiscal-genius-in-disguise.

Printed Wedges by Stuart Weitzman, Vogue Australia (December Issue)

Talk about cosmic imperative! A clear astrological endorsement of my wedge-shoe-buying if ever I’ve seen one (psst…Shopbop still has some on sale…get in quick).


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