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Best Of: 2012 CALENDARS, Especially The Ones Featuring Naked Beautiful People (NSFW)

22 Dec


This is the principle guideline for the 2012 Pirelli calendar, presumably. Once again, Pirelli has turned out the best nudes of the year with a line up including Kate Moss (always keen to get her kit off), Lara Stone, Natasha Poly, Rinko Kikuchi and more. Shot by SUPER-CREEP Terry Richardson (I’d like to step on his glasses), the calendar is happily a departure from his usual voyeristic-teenager-with-tongue-lolling-out-of-mouth approach. 

Also deserving of special mention are the End Of The World! themed Campari calendar featuring Milla Jovovich, Colette Paris’ Style calendar, and the Lavazza calendar, which is comprised of a series of self portraits by such luminaries as Dave LaChapelle and Annie Leibovitz.

Quite an improvement on the fluffy cat (or was it dogs of the world?) calendar I had in 1995.

Have we missed any notables? Let us know in zee comments …


Kate Moss for Pirelli, via

Rinko Kikuchi for Pirelli, via

Natasha Poly for Pirelli, via

Edita Vilkeviciute for Pirelli, via

Milla Jovovich for Campari, via

Milla Jovovich for Campari, via

Milla Jovovich for Campari, via

Style Calendar via

Style Calendar via

Style Calendar via

Dave LaChapelle for Lavazza via

Annie Leibovitz for Lavazza via



18 Dec

image via

Once the domain of receptionists and sunburned tourists just returned from Bali (been there done that …. ok don’t judge me, I was eleven), nail art is back, baby.  When it comes to nail art, you’ve gotta do it right, and by that I mean tongue firmly in cheek. Acrylic nails will not do, not unless you’re an extra on Kath and Kim or  you’re a real life trailer park girl Dolly Parton. They have to be real, they have to be OTT, the sillier the better.

1.NOVELTY NAILS – last time I had this much fun was when I went as Mariah Carey in a skin tight Santa suit to a bad taste party (an homage to the best Christmas album of all time) . Puddings! Candy Canes! Characters!


image via

image via

2. GLAMOUR PUSS – you usually wear nude polish and ballet flats, and never wear the paper crown at Christmas lunch because you don’t want photo evidence of you looking like a goose.

image via

3. SPARKLE FABULOUS – baubles for your finger tips! Keep it simple. OPI’s Bring On The Bling is a goodie.

image via

image via

4. D.I.Y – My first attempt, below. Like with my first ever finger painting, no one except my mum honestly thinks I did a good job. But hell, got to start somewhere! My version involved red and white polishes, a small tip make-up brush (rinsed out after with nail polish remover) and a felt tip pen, all glossed in place with a clear top coat. But you’ll get much better advice here.

My first attempt at DIY Christmas nails


Trend: PINK ME

15 Dec

Charlotte Free for Wonderland Magazine via

When I was fifteen I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani and died my hair platinum blonde. I quiffed it, joined a band, and sang No Doubt covers. It was sad, but even sadder – my hair snapped off and I had to go a 1950s chesnut brown for two years while my hair recovered. It was traumatic enough for me to withhold from dying my hair orange like Milla Jovovich in the Fifth Element (I also wanted her Jean Paul Gaultier bandage outfit for God-knows-what), and I stayed a safe mousey colour even though I burned to ape Franka Potente‘s shock of fire engine red hair in Run Lola Run.

That was the nineties – my noughties obsession comes in a flush of pink, on Charlotte Free‘s head. She’s American, she’s a babe, but mostly she just has pink hair. I want it, I need it, but I’ve been burned before. I’m looking for a pink hit with no commitment.

Enter, Kevin Murphy’s COLOUR.BUG. It’s the hair colour equivalent to a one-night-stand. A chalky textured product, the BUG wipes right onto your dry hair, and then locks on with hairspray. It’s that easy. I’ve been sporting pink highlights left, right and centre, and then washing it out and going back to beach-fabulous the following day.

Watch a how-to video right here right now.

A word of warning – DO NOT WEAR WHITE while wearing the BUG … no matter what the ads might say, it rubs off onto your clothes. I pretty much only use it if I’m wearing black, or something that I don’t mind getting a bit marked up. It does wash out though in a cold wash.

$24.95 for cheap neon thrills, you can buy at good hair salons or online at


COLOUR.BUG cluster via

Charlotte Free for Wonderland Magazine via

Franka Potente in Run Lola Run via

Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element via

Gwen Stefani via


14 Dec

When I was a kid, I used to make Christmas presents for people ALLLLLLLL the time. Granted these ‘gifts’  usually consisted of popsticks, too much glitter glue and some play-doh hearts, but nevertheless they were received with a mixture of fear and confusion  great delight and anticipation. What could be behind the potato-stamped wrapper? A macrame vase? A sequinned ornament? Or – the magnum opus as far as my crafting career was concerned – a stapled-together cushion with a picture of my mum and and emu lovingly (and incredibly accurately) rendered on the front?

The truth of the matter is, people always love to receive a handmade gift. Or at least they feel more compelled to pretend how much they LOVE it than they would if you gave them socks or soap. And for me, watching people scramble to overcompensate for their underlying horror with a theatrically feigned expression of delight is the true Christmas miracle. But I digress. Point is, there are actually some amazing gifts that you CAN make, with nary a pipecleaner or popstick in sight, and thankfully for us (and my traumatized  family members) there are some wonderful bloggers who have taken the time to show us how. Here are five of my favourite blogger-DIY creations of 2011.

1. A PAIR AND A SPARE. Because anything glitter will sit in pole position, always – and because Geneva is an all-round AMAZING D.I.Y. Queen – her take on MIU MIU GLITTER BOOTS:

image via Harper's Bazaar Australia

2. HONESTLY, WTF? Ummm, obsessed with cobalt, did I mention?Honestly WTF’s take on COBALT COLOUR BLOCKING being a) no exception and b) genius comes in at number two.

image via Honestly WTF

3. STYLE HURRICANE. Pretty sure this one gets the award for most profesh-looking D.I.Y. project ever – Style Hurricane’s version of the JIL SANDER MARKET BAG is third on my list.

image via Style Hurricane

4. DREAM AND DRESS. Ok, so perhaps I’d prefer it if you could  knock me up a D.I.Y. 3.1 Phillip Lim handbag, but this ROPE NECKLACE is a pretty good consolation prize.

image via Dream & Dress

5. PARK & CUBE. Too crafty for words, this version of a KARLA SPETIC ‘CARDUOGAN’ is utterly lush and clever – this girl has serious skillz.

image via Park & Cube

image via Karla Spetic

Happy Christmas-Countdown Bunnies! x

How to Wear: A TOUCH OF GOLD

13 Dec

I’ve blogged before about how I’m not a massive fan of little things, and usually that statement extends to jewellery also. I prefer knuckledusters, bibs, and cuffs to thin rings, chains, and tennis bracelets – the latter usually calling to mind images of  nasty things like Stepford Wives and ladies that like to match their bags to their shoes. HOWEVER (this is the bit where I contradict myself), there is something to be said for the allure of the fine gold necklace, as seen recently at Me & Ro, Van Rycke, and Aurelie Bidermann. With this in mind, during my recent stalks of street-style blogs, I have been keeping an eye out for the fine gold chain worn well. It seems the formula is relatively simple: plain tee + dishevelled hair + fine gold chain = pared-back perfection.

image via streetfsn

image via Jak & Jil blog

rose gold heart necklace by Van Rycke from My Chameleon

I think this look works particularly well if you are inclined to wear a statement piece (e.g. the culottes in the first picture), but are bored of the statement everything + arm-parties-galore + bib necklace + YSL-arty- ring-or-five thing, as currently seen on fash bloggers everywhere (apart from Hanneli. Hanneli is someone who I’m sure wears simple gold chains all the time).


13 Dec
A few weeks ago, I was sitting for an artist/photographer friend of mine, and as he snapped away he was telling me about how he has been recently coveting the work of Kate Rohde. The way he described it was “like crazy colourful neon animals and crystals and flowers and stuff, in like,  a terrarium,” which, as it turns out, is not far off Rohde’s own description of her work as “a natural history museum on acid”. Of course I thought that sounded RIGHT UP MY ALLEY and immediately raced home to google-stalk her. In the process, I realised that  SHE was the girl who did that amazing collab with Romance Was Born for their Renaissance Dinosaur collection. Yes, perhaps that little tidbit is a bit Renaissance Dinosaur itself as far as fash news is concerned, but the point is that KATE ROHDE IS AMAZING, and you should totally check out her more recent crazy colourful neon animals and crystals and flowers and stuff. Along similar lines, Romance Was Born is also rather fabulous, and fortuitously their S/S 11 Collection ‘The Oracle’  has just got on sale all over the shop(s). Get your hands on it at The Grand Social NOW.
image via Karen Woodbury Gallery
‘live forever number 1’ by Kate Rohde

image via Saatchi Online

Kate Rohde x Romance Was Born

image via Saatchi Online

‘crystallised menagerie’ by Kate Rohde

image via Saatchi Online

Kate Rohde x Romance Was Born

image via Saatchi Online

‘crystallised 7’ by Kate Rohde

image via Saatchi Online

Kate Rohde x Romance Was Born

image via Saatchi Online

‘crystallised 4’ by Kate Rohde

images via The Grand Social

From left to right: Denim Jeans now $447.50; Bodysuit now $230; Empress Mini Skirt now $260; Meow Tee now $260 – all from The Grand Social.


13 Dec
A quick inspiration/procrastination post….because when I am trying to write a literature review, my mind naturally wanders to more pressing matters…like how I need silver toes. You do too? Snap. x
image via Garance Dore

Alexander Wang ‘Devere’ Bag

image via Hype Maniac

 BAPE Silver Metallic Bapesta88 Kicks

image via Jak & Jil blog

Silver Fingers.

image via Studded Hearts
ASOS Silver Leather Pants
image via Le Fashion Image
Silver Toes.
image via Studded Hearts
Gillian Zanseri.
image via Net-a-Porter
Miu Miu Silver Patent Mary Janes.