10 Dec

One of the things I love-love-love about living in Australia (Perth in particular) is that our upside-down festive season is the complete antithesis of anything traditionally associated with Christmas. I’m not sure why this appeals to me, but it does. Instead of  lolling luxuriously by the fireplace as the snow softly settles outside, we collapse, sweating, at the beach in 40-degree heat, while the Christmas tree quietly withers inside. Instead of chic furs and boots and gloves, we have….well, anything as close to naked as possible. Inside of mulled wine and turkey and being jolly and kissing under the mistletoe, we guzzle icy gin and tonics (necessary to maintain ideal body temperature), eat frozen grapes, and scream at anyone who tries to touch us because it’s too damn HOT. Yes, perhaps I am not really selling it, and it may not be as romantic or decadent or comfortable, but the endless summer hot hot haze does have a certain je ne sais quois about it. One of the obvious perks being that we get to spend the entire season wearing the prettiest, floatiest, light-as-a-feather frocks around town.

Here are a few of my most-coveted – all vintage, and all available online.

Vintage FENDI Rayon Wrap dress from Claire Inc.

Vintage Fendi 1980’s Wrap Dress, from Claire Incorporated, $465.00.


Diane von Furstenberg silk organza beaded tabbard, from Map Vintage, $559.00.

Donna Karan Convertible Silk Dress from Claire Inc.

Vintage Donna Karan Convertible Silk Wrap Tie Dress from Claire Incorporated, $265.00.

Dolce & Gabbana Sheer Fishnet Dress from Map Vintage

Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Sheer Fishnet Dress from Map Vintage, $669.00.

Vintage 1968 Pauline Trigere Kaftan


Vintage 1968 Pauline Trigere Kaftan, from Nelsonbridge on Etsy, $750.00.


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