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15 Dec

Charlotte Free for Wonderland Magazine via

When I was fifteen I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani and died my hair platinum blonde. I quiffed it, joined a band, and sang No Doubt covers. It was sad, but even sadder – my hair snapped off and I had to go a 1950s chesnut brown for two years while my hair recovered. It was traumatic enough for me to withhold from dying my hair orange like Milla Jovovich in the Fifth Element (I also wanted her Jean Paul Gaultier bandage outfit for God-knows-what), and I stayed a safe mousey colour even though I burned to ape Franka Potente‘s shock of fire engine red hair in Run Lola Run.

That was the nineties – my noughties obsession comes in a flush of pink, on Charlotte Free‘s head. She’s American, she’s a babe, but mostly she just has pink hair. I want it, I need it, but I’ve been burned before. I’m looking for a pink hit with no commitment.

Enter, Kevin Murphy’s COLOUR.BUG. It’s the hair colour equivalent to a one-night-stand. A chalky textured product, the BUG wipes right onto your dry hair, and then locks on with hairspray. It’s that easy. I’ve been sporting pink highlights left, right and centre, and then washing it out and going back to beach-fabulous the following day.

Watch a how-to video right here right now.

A word of warning – DO NOT WEAR WHITE while wearing the BUG … no matter what the ads might say, it rubs off onto your clothes. I pretty much only use it if I’m wearing black, or something that I don’t mind getting a bit marked up. It does wash out though in a cold wash.

$24.95 for cheap neon thrills, you can buy at good hair salons or online at


COLOUR.BUG cluster via

Charlotte Free for Wonderland Magazine via

Franka Potente in Run Lola Run via

Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element via

Gwen Stefani via


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