18 Dec

image via madelinepoolenails.tumblr.com

Once the domain of receptionists and sunburned tourists just returned from Bali (been there done that …. ok don’t judge me, I was eleven), nail art is back, baby.  When it comes to nail art, you’ve gotta do it right, and by that I mean tongue firmly in cheek. Acrylic nails will not do, not unless you’re an extra on Kath and Kim or  you’re a real life trailer park girl Dolly Parton. They have to be real, they have to be OTT, the sillier the better.

1.NOVELTY NAILS – last time I had this much fun was when I went as Mariah Carey in a skin tight Santa suit to a bad taste party (an homage to the best Christmas album of all time) . Puddings! Candy Canes! Characters!

image viaheynicenails.com

image via thelooksforless.tumblr.com/

image via konadnails.blogspot.com

2. GLAMOUR PUSS – you usually wear nude polish and ballet flats, and never wear the paper crown at Christmas lunch because you don’t want photo evidence of you looking like a goose.

image via mtv.com

3. SPARKLE FABULOUS – baubles for your finger tips! Keep it simple. OPI’s Bring On The Bling is a goodie.

image via emilieclarke.com

image via favim.com

4. D.I.Y – My first attempt, below. Like with my first ever finger painting, no one except my mum honestly thinks I did a good job. But hell, got to start somewhere! My version involved red and white polishes, a small tip make-up brush (rinsed out after with nail polish remover) and a felt tip pen, all glossed in place with a clear top coat. But you’ll get much better advice here.

My first attempt at DIY Christmas nails



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