8 Jan

Turbans are having a major moment for me right now. Or – more truthfully – they have been ever since I was six years old and first learned to do that flicked-back-wet-hair-turban-trick in the swimming pool. From there it was a bit of a slippery slope – from icecream containers, to sarongs, to my mothers scarves; anything capable of being appropriated as headwear was promptly upturned, wrapped, or knotted and cast upon my head.

Now that I’m a grown up (sigh) – and said turban fetish shows no sign of quitting, I have been facing the quandary of how exactly one gets away with wearing les chapeaux exotiques if one is sans caravanserai and not Erykah Badu/Akuol de Mabior. The answer? Hermes.

Not only are Hermes scarves the perfect size for wrapping around one’s noggin, they also come with a set of instruction cards to guide you. Admittedly, when I attempted to recreate Hermes rosette-side-tie  (aka the watered-down version of a turban), I failed dismally. I suspect that this was due to the instructions illustrations leaping inexplicably from 1. “fold scarf and wrap around head” to 2. “et voila!” without the vital “create infinitely complex and masterful side knot, whip hands around ninja-style to create perfect rosette” step in between – although it could possibly have been something to do with one too many glasses of champers on my behalf as well.

Luckily, I had a stylist on hand to help me (see the second picture for my voila! moment). As for my next trick – the turban proper, seen on Peony Lim below – I think imma need origami lessons and some sellotape.

– Z x

image from Marie Claire South Africa, November 2011

image via Jak & Jil Blog

image via Park & Cube

image via Park & Cube

More tips on Turban-Tying here:

How To Tie A Turband 3 Ways from LEAFtv on Vimeo.

P.S. Apologies for the lack of recent posts – who would have known that blogging from darkest Cambodia ain’t easy. I’ll be back for real soon with LOTS of exciting Christmas loot and travel treasures to post about. x


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