12 Feb

To be honest, I have no idea why MyChameleon is called MyChameleon. I think a more appropriate name would be MySartorialHeaven or MyCreditCard’sWorstNightmare or whatMyDreamsAreMadeOf, something like that. But what’s in a name? That which we call MyChameleon, by any other name would smell as chic. Perfectly curated, and consistently stocked with luxe favourites, and everything you covet but didn’t even realise it yet. More to the point, much of it is now ON SALE, and has been working its way, one express post package at a time, into MyIncreasinglyAmazingWardrobe for quite some time now (stay tuned for the kazillion outfit posts we have planned, now that we have solved the anonymity problem).  Here are my picks of what remains – get it while it’s hot (SO hot) here.


All images via

Pastel perfection. I don’t care that it’s summer, stand in the fridge if you have to. THURSDAY, SUNDAY Bamboo Knit Sweater, was $420.00, now $252.00.

Printed pins. DRESS UP Square Pocket Begonia Trouser, were $374.00, now $187.00.

Loafer Luxe. These shoes will change your life, ’nuff said. DIEPPA RESTREPO Rose Gold Metallic Dandy Loafer, were $239.00, now $191.20.

Pillow fight! Strutting out in sleepwear is so hot right now. SOPHOMORE Drawstring Stripe Pants – were $139.00, now $69.50.

Pale and interesting. Tough-girl biker jackets in washed out tones are the epitome of downtown cool. THERESE RAWSTHORNE Biker Trench Jacket, was $795.00, now $318.00.

Jungle fever! Shed the excess baggage and keep accessories chic and sleek: TL-180 KIEF SNAKE PRINT FOLD LEATHER CLUTCH, was $260.00, now $182.00.

Complex geometries. Offset sunkissed wrists with nude and powder blue. LAUREN MANOOGIAN Triangle Cuff, was $120.00, now $96.00


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