16 Feb

Bag lady chic takes on a 21st century sheen with Marc Jacobs’ FW12 mangled ode to style icon Anna Piaggi. Eye-popping brocades, fur of all colours in enormous volume, sparkly shoes, and chunky knits. The silhouette is bulky, made up of structured jackets and padded hips – the effect is that of a seven year old playing dress ups with mum’s wardrobe. The colours are all over the shop, the prints clashing and vibrant, with traditional overtones.

As is often the case with Marc Jacobs’ runway shows, the focus is on theme, not so much wearability (key looks will be re-worked for retail). Translate this trend to everyday wear by making light of dressing.

Matching? Bah, what of it? Look out for key winter pieces:

  • bulky, coloured outerwear
  • a few printed pieces to work back with coloured knits, e.g. heavily patterned shirt, a printed pant and a skirt that sits below the knee
  • chunky (and I mean CHUNKY) knits in bold colours, particularly ones that can be wrapped around or layered up
  • an ironic piece that Grandma made … felting, appliqué, shoe clips … so long as it’s bold (we’re not going for “festival-vintage-hipster” here)

Basically, throw Coco Chanel’s ‘take one thing off before you leave the house’ rule to the dogs. More is more. Ms Piaggi as Muse.

x C

All images via and The Sartorialist


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