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12 Dec

I’m seeing mini bags everywhere, and I like it. This confuses me, because small things generally creep me out and remind me of Paris Hilton, although I’m at a loss to explain why.  And of course, teeny-tiny bags are just not practical (where does one stash the requisite dog-eared novel? the magazine? the fifty-zillion receipts, loose coins, stray bobbypins, lipsticks, highlighters, and other assorted crap?). I get anxious just thinking about it.

Fortunately in this case, ‘mini’ really just seems to be a word applied to any bag smaller than an Olsen-esque big-enough-to-fit-the-other-twin-in hobo sack. Unfortunately for Paris (but happily for the rest of us), they are not big enough to fit a chihuahua in, but you might manage to squeeze in a bobby pin or two. The Jerome Dreyfuss one even comes with a flashlight (natch), presumably to give you the illusion that there are deep dark depths to be peering into.

image via La Garconne

Alexander Wang, ‘Marion’ sling bag, from La Garconne, $650.


image via La Garconne

Jerome Dreyfuss Twee mini bag from La Garconne, $770.

image via Tila March

Tila March Betty mini bag, at Tila March.

image via Shopbop

Theyskens’ Theory ‘Anen’ mini flap bag from Shopbop, $331.