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12 Feb

To be honest, I have no idea why MyChameleon is called MyChameleon. I think a more appropriate name would be MySartorialHeaven or MyCreditCard’sWorstNightmare or whatMyDreamsAreMadeOf, something like that. But what’s in a name? That which we call MyChameleon, by any other name would smell as chic. Perfectly curated, and consistently stocked with luxe favourites, and everything you covet but didn’t even realise it yet. More to the point, much of it is now ON SALE, and has been working its way, one express post package at a time, into MyIncreasinglyAmazingWardrobe for quite some time now (stay tuned for the kazillion outfit posts we have planned, now that we have solved the anonymity problem).  Here are my picks of what remains – get it while it’s hot (SO hot) here.


All images via

Pastel perfection. I don’t care that it’s summer, stand in the fridge if you have to. THURSDAY, SUNDAY Bamboo Knit Sweater, was $420.00, now $252.00.

Printed pins. DRESS UP Square Pocket Begonia Trouser, were $374.00, now $187.00.

Loafer Luxe. These shoes will change your life, ’nuff said. DIEPPA RESTREPO Rose Gold Metallic Dandy Loafer, were $239.00, now $191.20.

Pillow fight! Strutting out in sleepwear is so hot right now. SOPHOMORE Drawstring Stripe Pants – were $139.00, now $69.50.

Pale and interesting. Tough-girl biker jackets in washed out tones are the epitome of downtown cool. THERESE RAWSTHORNE Biker Trench Jacket, was $795.00, now $318.00.

Jungle fever! Shed the excess baggage and keep accessories chic and sleek: TL-180 KIEF SNAKE PRINT FOLD LEATHER CLUTCH, was $260.00, now $182.00.

Complex geometries. Offset sunkissed wrists with nude and powder blue. LAUREN MANOOGIAN Triangle Cuff, was $120.00, now $96.00



11 Feb

If we’re going to talk about the most embarrassing things our parents do (and we are), I’m going to win hands-down. My Dad, to this day, asks retailers in broad daylight “is that your best price?”. He’ll ask for a deal, every time. He’ll try to pay cash for a discount at department stores. We went to Bali once and he bartered so hard the hawkers paid him to go away.

I’d like to say I’ve bucked the trend, but in truth the apple has fallen not so very far from the tree. There is nothing that fills me with glee the way a “70% OFF” sign does, except for “70% OFF ALL SALE PRICES”. Yep, even better. I love it, you love it, we all love it!

Repeat after me:

What do we want?


When do we want them?


Well then, if you say so.

Here are my current favourite go-to sites for savvy shopping ›

Strawberry Net

Cosmetics cuh-razy. Free shipping! Loyalty discounts! And the prices are pretty darn low to start with. They’ve got all the usual department store brands plus more, in makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrances. My Dior mascara is 30% cheaper on StrawberryNet, and I get it delivered to my door. Yessssssss.


This site is a Mecca for Nars products. Australian customers will be especially thrilled as this is one of the only international site that ships Nars to our shores. Also stocked are Laura Mercier, Kiehl’s and Smashbox, and many of the products are quite a bit cheaper than you can get them in bricks and mortar stores.

The Outnet

Get your fash-on! Mostly designer goods, mostly 50%-70% off all the time. Sign up for the email out because The Outnet runs stealth flash sales where you can score pieces by Alexander Wang, Missoni, Erdem, Vanessa Bruno, etc etc. The site also displays selections in trend groups (e.g.: ‘printed pants’ or ‘summer skirts’) or occasion themes, so it’s easy to shop for a particular look. Hint – if you do finger exercises during the week you’ll be able to click “add to basket” faster.


Similar to The Outnet, but also dealing in home wares and a good selection of mens clothing. Seriously, you can even buy high-end coffee machines, designer rugs, and luxury bedding at the same time as snapping up a Derek Lam knit or a Marni bangle. It’s like Harvey Nich’s but all stupidly cheap!

Missy Confidential

This one’s for the Aussie pack mainly. Not a shopping site per se, Missy acts as a notice board for sample/end of season sales on the ground (Shona Joy, Pandora, Trelise Cooper and so on) as well as linking to online sales. It’s basically a hit list for discounted Australian designer goods. Search by your city or your favourite designer.

Please comment if you have another bargain beauty up your sleeve that we all need to know about!



12 Dec

I’m seeing mini bags everywhere, and I like it. This confuses me, because small things generally creep me out and remind me of Paris Hilton, although I’m at a loss to explain why.  And of course, teeny-tiny bags are just not practical (where does one stash the requisite dog-eared novel? the magazine? the fifty-zillion receipts, loose coins, stray bobbypins, lipsticks, highlighters, and other assorted crap?). I get anxious just thinking about it.

Fortunately in this case, ‘mini’ really just seems to be a word applied to any bag smaller than an Olsen-esque big-enough-to-fit-the-other-twin-in hobo sack. Unfortunately for Paris (but happily for the rest of us), they are not big enough to fit a chihuahua in, but you might manage to squeeze in a bobby pin or two. The Jerome Dreyfuss one even comes with a flashlight (natch), presumably to give you the illusion that there are deep dark depths to be peering into.

image via La Garconne

Alexander Wang, ‘Marion’ sling bag, from La Garconne, $650.


image via La Garconne

Jerome Dreyfuss Twee mini bag from La Garconne, $770.

image via Tila March

Tila March Betty mini bag, at Tila March.

image via Shopbop

Theyskens’ Theory ‘Anen’ mini flap bag from Shopbop, $331.


10 Dec

One of the things I love-love-love about living in Australia (Perth in particular) is that our upside-down festive season is the complete antithesis of anything traditionally associated with Christmas. I’m not sure why this appeals to me, but it does. Instead of  lolling luxuriously by the fireplace as the snow softly settles outside, we collapse, sweating, at the beach in 40-degree heat, while the Christmas tree quietly withers inside. Instead of chic furs and boots and gloves, we have….well, anything as close to naked as possible. Inside of mulled wine and turkey and being jolly and kissing under the mistletoe, we guzzle icy gin and tonics (necessary to maintain ideal body temperature), eat frozen grapes, and scream at anyone who tries to touch us because it’s too damn HOT. Yes, perhaps I am not really selling it, and it may not be as romantic or decadent or comfortable, but the endless summer hot hot haze does have a certain je ne sais quois about it. One of the obvious perks being that we get to spend the entire season wearing the prettiest, floatiest, light-as-a-feather frocks around town.

Here are a few of my most-coveted – all vintage, and all available online.

Vintage FENDI Rayon Wrap dress from Claire Inc.

Vintage Fendi 1980’s Wrap Dress, from Claire Incorporated, $465.00.


Diane von Furstenberg silk organza beaded tabbard, from Map Vintage, $559.00.

Donna Karan Convertible Silk Dress from Claire Inc.

Vintage Donna Karan Convertible Silk Wrap Tie Dress from Claire Incorporated, $265.00.

Dolce & Gabbana Sheer Fishnet Dress from Map Vintage

Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Sheer Fishnet Dress from Map Vintage, $669.00.

Vintage 1968 Pauline Trigere Kaftan


Vintage 1968 Pauline Trigere Kaftan, from Nelsonbridge on Etsy, $750.00.


23 Nov

I’m a sucker for high heels. I blame my Capricorn zodiac; clearly, the mountain-goat in me has a cosmic and biological imperative to aim for maximum elevation at all times. Unfortunately, such a lofty ambition has complete disregard for the fact that (a) I’m the sort of girl who likes to do high-kicks (and just generally kick things) as part of the day-to-day; and (b) I carry out the former without any hint of grace, balance, or poise.  Thank goodness for the existence of the wedge heel, otherwise my life would undoubtedly be one endless string of Jessica-Stam-in-Chloe-Heels moments.

Obviously, I cannot resist any shoe that is both beautiful and practical, in manner of Swedish furniture, ideal husband, etc. Thus:

Printed Wedges by Theodora & Callum for Stuart Weitzman from Shopbop

The latest addition to my wedge collection. I think the rationale at the time was “I need some island-holiday shoes”. Pathetic justification aside, I simply love them. Theodora and Callum (who made a name for themselves with their fabulous printed scarves) collaborated with Stuart Weitzman to produce these as part of a range of punchy, exotic, perfect-for-summer shoes. Happily, I purchased these on sale at Shopbop for a little over a hundred dollars. Mystifyingly, I then found clone-wedges peering out at me from the pages of December Vogue for $555. In retrospect, it appears that pathetic justification was trend-spotting-fiscal-genius-in-disguise.

Printed Wedges by Stuart Weitzman, Vogue Australia (December Issue)

Talk about cosmic imperative! A clear astrological endorsement of my wedge-shoe-buying if ever I’ve seen one (psst…Shopbop still has some on sale…get in quick).


16 Nov

Summer is well on its way in the southern hemisphere, so if you’re already dreaming about ditching the daily drag for an island vay-cay (a la moi), here are my TOP THREE Etsy picks-o’-the-week to get you on your way.

1. Miu miu arent the only ones to do glitter sunnies – check out these sparkly 1950s babies, only $67.00 from THAYEReyewear.

linen & rainbow glitter 1950s sunglasses from THAYEReyewear

2. Colour! Weaving! Looks like you got it eco-trekking in some amazing far-away country no one’s every heard of! Behold the perfect overnighter for this summer – best of all, it’s fair trade . $170 from Shkaa’la/Love Fair Trade.

fair trade guatamalan bag from Shkaa'la Fair Trade

3. Make like a money-wise mermaid with this gorgeous golden ‘coral’ necklace from  Clever Nettle vintage, $15.

1980s 'coral reef' necklace from Clever Nettle vintage



11 Nov

Vintage shopping in NYC is one activity that sends me into absolute paroxysms of delight. Such is the lure of vintage clothing, that when in Australia I am often compelled to stay up all night squinting at the computer just so I can spend a squazillion dollars in pre-dawn bidding wars on Ebay, for some random and totally unwearable accoutrement (single Lanvin glove, anyone?), that invariably arrives reeking of mothballs and cigarettes. Thus, NYC shopping is the cake to my fat kid. Vintage is everywhere, it’s (relatively) cheap, no one fights you for it, and best of all you can try before you buy. Yes, you get totally laughed at by the hipster-cool NYC kids, who will tell you that if you really knew what’s what you would be lounging around in a poncho made out of a Mexican horse blanket that you bought for 50 cents at a thrift store. Luckily, it’s unlikely that you will stop squealing over your $35 vintage YSL blouse long enough to care.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my favourite vintage pieces from my recent NYC trip, including items from Amarcord, Beacon’s Closet, Gypsy Nation Vintage, and some other places I can’t remember the names of.


Artists & Fleas, 70 North 7th Street (between Wythe & Kent), Brooklyn, NY

Artists & Fleas is a weekend market housed in an old warehouse in Brooklyn, filled with eccentric vintage collectors, indie designer chicks, and dudes with tattoos selling their art. I think. My memory is a little sketchy on this one, as I was so dazzled by the outfits at Gypsy Nation Vintage (set conveniently just inside the entrance), that I barely made it past the front door. What I can tell you is this – Gypsy Nation is one holy-freakin-amazeballs gypsy-circus-aladdin’s-cave collection of wonderment. It was a moment of unparalleled restraint that saw me get out of there with only two small purchases. The first – a vintage Leonard Paris floral sweater – caught my eye immediately, primarily for the print, which I think is absolute perfection. No idea how I’m going to wear the 80’s batwing sleeves, but for now I’m happy just to look at it.

Leonard Paris sweater from Gypsy Nation Vintage

The second item was an amazing 70s print dress selected for me by the owner. You know those pieces that get compliments/where-did-you-get-thats/marriage proposals every time you wear them? This is one of those.

i to i dress from Gypsy Nation Vintage

– Z xx