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12 Mar

I’ve long been a fan of fanciful face decoration. Not make up, face decoration. What’s the diff? Face decoration says “LOOK AT ME,” it’s costume-ish, like the blue scalloped colouring-in I did around my eyes for Day of the Dead, or the gold leaf from eyelid to above my brows when I went as a goddess to a Religion party.

Thanks to King Karl, now I’ve got a new trick to try – eyebrow art. For the showing of his latest crystal-inspired collection for Chanel, Lagerfeld dreamed up crystal encrusted eyebrows to tie in with his geometric, glistening clothing creations. It’s a new take on another strong trend that peaked a few seasons ago; strong, coloured-in brows.

How to appropriate this look without looking like the Wicked Witch of the West:

  • The brows are the main feature. Keep lips and eyeshadow to a minimum.
  • Whereas previously it was about strong, natural brows, now it’s about glitter and colour. If colour is pushing the envelope for you, try colouring your brows in with a metallic or sparkle flecked eyeliner, and dress like a vampire. MAC does a good metallic pencil. If feeling brave, wear violet or blue mascara and also run it through your brows, leaving lips entirely nude.
  • Walk with a swagger.

Take a closer look at the Chanel dollies for inspiration:


all images via Style.com and High Snobette


(micro)Trend: THE BOW TIE

18 Jan

Last time I was in London I went to a Pony-Step party and took full advantage of the opportunity to dress like an outrageous circus tart. With a guest list including Beth Ditto from the Gossip, it was anything goes and so I wore: sequinned knickers hot pants, pony hair shoes, a sleeveless white shirt, and tied it all up at the neck with a lovely little black ribbon. I fit right in amongst the dudes in drag (one in a pair of red running shorts) and shirtless, leather-trousered artists.  Since then the bow tie has stuck around, peaking in mexican-wave type ripples across the fashion world from time to time.

me, pony-stepping

Well, the wave has hit again – everyone’s doing it!  My go-to girls for trend inspiration and confirmation, Diane Kruger and Chloe Sevigny, owned the look late last year. Early adopter Alexa Chung and Vogue Nippon fash ed Anna Dello Russo are all over it like a rash; Abbey Lee donned one for Dazed and Confused; Beyonce loves it; and Karl Lagerfeld is running the bow tie in the Chanel Cruise SS12 accessories range.

BEST WAY TO WEAR – your man’s bow tie with a crisp white shirt and shorts a la Kruger or, for softer styling, take a nice big piece of satin ribbon and tie it in a droopy bow at the collar.


Chloe Sevigny via nbcnewyork.com

Diane Kruger via huffingtonpost.com

Diane Kruger via nbcnewyork.com

Abbey Lee Kershaw via manrepeller.com

Alexa Chung via nbcnewyork.com

Beyonce via style.com

Anna Dello Russo via nbcnewyork.com