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7 Mar

Anyone can be a model with a small ‘m’, as Flight Of The Conchords attest in their song about the “most beautiful girl in the whole wide room”. I modelled 3 outfits for a charity show last year and now my boyfriend tells people he dates a model; some girls featured on The Awkward Lean tell their own boyfriends they’re dating a model. But capital ‘M’ Models are special. They’ve got to have a walk, an attitude. They’ve got to be so beautiful it makes people gawk, but ideally also approachable enough that people want to interview and take photos of them for editorial work. They’ve got to be able to embody the spirit of a designer’s collection, to act their way through a shoot or down the catwalk. And they’ve got to either have really good legs or a mole.

Karlie Kloss: check, check, check, check, check, check, check (legs, not mole).

Readers of this blog will know we have a bit of a thing for KK. She’s darn cute and goofy, an all American girl (Chigago and St Louis to be exact) with a killer body that she attributes to an athletic lifestyle and her ballet training growing up. Aside from having walked in stacks of shows and fronting a gazillion campaigns, KK is now at such a level of celebrity that her appearance at recent fashion week shows overshadowed the very shows she appeared in, with her name taking headline spot in the news next to those of designers. Since she amped it up with a very grown up spread for Italian Vogue, her presence online has exploded (largely due to NSFW viewing I suspect).  Aside from her startlingly taught physique, KK’s calling card is the walk that Vogue.com describes as “coltish” and  “swaying,” kind of  like ‘aren’t I lovely, but don’t forget I’m in control and I might bite your head off after sex’. Also she’s 3rd in the top 50 on models.com. But enough, I know you just want to look at her ….



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15 Jan

Arizona Muse is simply delicious. Currently world #5 on models.com (which is a BIG FAT DEAL in model-speak), the brunette-bobbed-babe is much more than a pretty face. This self-assured honey is a working single mum (son Nikko was born in 2009) and has bagged enough campaigns and magazine covers in the past year to fund her baby’s school fees for life. I’m counting seven Vogue covers to date, as well as the latest Isabel Marant and Fendi campaigns (pictured below).

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The first time I noticed her was early last year at the FW10/11 shows, although her breakout was scoring an exclusive for Prada in the September shows 2010. In a sea of leggy eastern European adolescents, Arizona – who, funnily enough, was also born in the state of Arizona in the US – parts them down the middle and stands out as a cut above the rest. Anna Wintour describes her as “a gorgeous, smart grown up” with “shades of Linda Evangelista and Natalia Vodianova”. High praise indeed. Her niche at the moment is the ‘wholesome/slightly-more-grown-up-than-the-average-waif’ look, and she’s got it covered. There’s no other girl in the top 50 who comes close.


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