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5 Mar

It’s been a while since I’ve LOVED a Balmain show, but Olivier Rousteing’s FW12 collection, shown in Paris last week, grabbed me. Rousteing is quoted as saying that Fabergé eggs were the inspiration behind the heavy embellishment on velvet pants, leather jackets, stretchy dresses, and pretty much everything else. I also have a love affair with velvet, stemming from my acquisition, at the age of twelve, of a black velvet jacket with matching bootleg pants. I was so sad to grow out of them (don’t you miss the days you grew up instead of out?). Well in this collection the velvet is in abundance – quilted jacketing, slinky pants, flowy pants, embellished pants, you name it, it comes in velvet. The Karlie Kloss outfit is easy-cool (which every fashion-head looks to Balmain for) and I’ve got tickets on Aymeline Valade’s teal green leather shirt, gold belt and matching velvet pants.

Aren’t the eggs exquisite? I’m thinking, I want an engagement egg instead of an engagement ring. Or maybe an engagement egg and an engagement quilted green Balmain jacket? I reckon that’s fair. I’ll ask for the ring for Christmas.


Images via Daily Art Fix and Style.com



2 Mar

Désolé! Désolé! We two have been tardy on the posting front and for my part, I blame it on French. The language, not the cuisine (nothing could come between moi and a buttery croissant). Mais oui, I am learning! Such a thrilling language to roll off the tongue, though ’tis mostly getting stuck in my throat these first few weeks.

And so, while  Z will have to proffer her own excuse (kidnapping? food poisoning?) I hope we can put my absence behind us and focus on more important things like world peace fashun.

Let us decamp to Paris then, for Paris Fashion Week! We shall begin with a POP QUIZ:

Q: How do you spell “sex”?

A:  A.N.T.H.O.N.Y  V.A.C.C.A.R.E.L.L.O

Q: Anthony who?

A: Vaccarello. He’s Belgian and has shown a total of four international shows ev-ah. His woman is sex, she is strength, she’s a fox and she knows it.

Q: Who gives?

A: Everyone who counts. Style.com says ” Vaccarello is on his way to building himself a brand.” Vogue.com says his SS12 show was “sensational,” but this latest turn shows “a new level of maturity.” KK (aka Karlie Kloss, aka Legs-That-Go-Forever) chose Vaccarello as her first major international show to walk in this season. Write this down!

Q: Fall 2012 collection need to know points?

A: 90’s glamour sheaths, military jackets and trenches with skintight pants in deep blue satin, and 1950’s lingerie inspired cut out detailing. Hems so high they’re a bit a’hem. Made for Glamazons with no spare body fat (Put the chocolate peanuts down. Now step away. Well done.)  Shoe collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti causing a kamikaze catwalk moment.

Tough gig choosing the best looks. Here’s my edit – mainly just leaving out the ones where the hem was so short I was temporarily blinded.


Images via Style.com