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23 Feb

It’s not every day that a runway show makes you shout “Yes! I want to dress like a labyrinthine hedge!” but guess what – Mary Katrantzou’s Fall 2012 collection has done exactly that. Riding in on a tsunami of drah-mah and digital print, Katrantzou displayed her usual attention to form, artfully marrying rigidly structured shoulders and cinched waists with slouchy pants and billowing chiffon skirts. Peplums, corsets, funnel necks and godet skirts were there too, used as the vehicle for this season’s party princess to show off their prints: a veritable kaleidoscope of spoons, typewriters, unicorns, and pencils. The main departure from previous collections was the palette: while maintaining her usual all-inclusive approach, Katrantzou eschewed chromatic chaos for a more refined look, sticking almost to a single spin of the colour-wheel per garment (!). Indeed, some of the collection’s most striking dresses were those delicately rendered in beautifully muted hues of mushroom, ivory and baby blue. Think that will keep me away from the canary yellow pants? Think again.

Z x

All images via Style.com



18 Feb

With NYFW done and dusted we’re taking a hop skip and jump across the pond to London where LFW has just kicked off. We’ll be posting all the thrills, spills, and dills from there later this week, but while we’re in town (yes, the UK in my mind…whatever), I thought it worthwhile to let y’all know about Charlotte Linton – creator of handsdown the most amazing prints I’ve seen this year (sorry Suno, that includes you).  Charlotte is a London-based designer whose printed scarves leave us in paroxysms of delight. Her collection is based around the narrative of a fictional muse named Ermentrude, who travels the world in a swathe of colour. Ermantrude’s wanderings  through far-flung locales such as Java and Madagascar provide the reference point for the whimsical and phantasmagorical images that are then printed on silk and wool scarves. You can follow Ermantrude’s travels (and check out Charlotte’s gorgeous illustrations) here. You can also buy pieces from here 2011 collaboration with Anthropologie here.  But really – its all about the scarves, isn’t it? Check them out below (pssstt….are they perfect for turban-ing or what?) and head over to Charlotte’s website to order.


All images via http://www.charlottelinton.com


12 Feb

To be honest, I have no idea why MyChameleon is called MyChameleon. I think a more appropriate name would be MySartorialHeaven or MyCreditCard’sWorstNightmare or whatMyDreamsAreMadeOf, something like that. But what’s in a name? That which we call MyChameleon, by any other name would smell as chic. Perfectly curated, and consistently stocked with luxe favourites, and everything you covet but didn’t even realise it yet. More to the point, much of it is now ON SALE, and has been working its way, one express post package at a time, into MyIncreasinglyAmazingWardrobe for quite some time now (stay tuned for the kazillion outfit posts we have planned, now that we have solved the anonymity problem).  Here are my picks of what remains – get it while it’s hot (SO hot) here.


All images via MyChameleon.com.au

Pastel perfection. I don’t care that it’s summer, stand in the fridge if you have to. THURSDAY, SUNDAY Bamboo Knit Sweater, was $420.00, now $252.00.

Printed pins. DRESS UP Square Pocket Begonia Trouser, were $374.00, now $187.00.

Loafer Luxe. These shoes will change your life, ’nuff said. DIEPPA RESTREPO Rose Gold Metallic Dandy Loafer, were $239.00, now $191.20.

Pillow fight! Strutting out in sleepwear is so hot right now. SOPHOMORE Drawstring Stripe Pants – were $139.00, now $69.50.

Pale and interesting. Tough-girl biker jackets in washed out tones are the epitome of downtown cool. THERESE RAWSTHORNE Biker Trench Jacket, was $795.00, now $318.00.

Jungle fever! Shed the excess baggage and keep accessories chic and sleek: TL-180 KIEF SNAKE PRINT FOLD LEATHER CLUTCH, was $260.00, now $182.00.

Complex geometries. Offset sunkissed wrists with nude and powder blue. LAUREN MANOOGIAN Triangle Cuff, was $120.00, now $96.00

How to Wear: NEON INDIAN

6 Dec

The only thing better than the current trends of Navajo print (seen at Isabel Marant, Proenza Schouler, and Theodora & Callum) and acid-bright hue-from-heaven chartreuse (seen at Acne, Balmain, Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs) is when someone marries them together in an outfit as gorgeous as this:

image via streetfsn.com

Isn’t she lovely? I’m head over heels for Isabel Marant’s use of Navajo-esque prints this season (as seen on the Renell jeans here), but pairing it with such an insanely beautiful colour takes it to a whole new level. Sort of frothing at the mouth over the bag a little bit, too.

Also spotted on Geraldine Saglio (assistant to Emanuelle Alt), with a simple grey tee (bit boring, but I do love a good front-tuck):

Geraldine Saglio in Isabel Marant 'Renell' Jeans via Streetfsn

Unsurprisingly, I also love this look worn with 30-trillion layers of everything, a la the nordic-iceprincess-hippie-mermaid vibe channelled by Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivarova in Vogue Paris (style by Ms. Alt, shot by Mario Sorrenti):

Sasha Pivarova, Vogue Paris, November 2011

Natasha Poly, Vogue Paris, November 2011

Unforch, while I do have an ocean and plenty of messed-up-hair to hand, I am neither an Ice-Princess, nor inclined to wearing sheepskin in high summer, as it currently is here in Australia. Thus, I will be punching out my tribal prints with plenty of acid-brights and front-tucks, and probably some flat sandals.

NB. Navajo print is all over the high-street as well, but as yet I’m not convinced. I think the key to shopping this look on a budget is (as always) Etsy, or by splurging on the prints, and saving on the rest. You could also just go on over and suck the life out of the Net-a-Porter sale, like any sensible girl would do. Here’s my picks for this trend (Christmas wishlist, anyone?):

Clockwise, from top left: pleat yoke dress by Proenza Schouler from Boutique 1; kuchi seed bead necklace from Afghan Tribal Arts on Etsy; lodolite quartz earrings from Flytiers Jewelbox on Etsy; silk georgette tank by Adam from Net-a-Porter; dress by Isabel Marant from Net-a-Porter; Navajo-inspired brass breastplate by Pamela Love from Net-a-Porter



23 Nov

I’m a sucker for high heels. I blame my Capricorn zodiac; clearly, the mountain-goat in me has a cosmic and biological imperative to aim for maximum elevation at all times. Unfortunately, such a lofty ambition has complete disregard for the fact that (a) I’m the sort of girl who likes to do high-kicks (and just generally kick things) as part of the day-to-day; and (b) I carry out the former without any hint of grace, balance, or poise.  Thank goodness for the existence of the wedge heel, otherwise my life would undoubtedly be one endless string of Jessica-Stam-in-Chloe-Heels moments.

Obviously, I cannot resist any shoe that is both beautiful and practical, in manner of Swedish furniture, ideal husband, etc. Thus:

Printed Wedges by Theodora & Callum for Stuart Weitzman from Shopbop

The latest addition to my wedge collection. I think the rationale at the time was “I need some island-holiday shoes”. Pathetic justification aside, I simply love them. Theodora and Callum (who made a name for themselves with their fabulous printed scarves) collaborated with Stuart Weitzman to produce these as part of a range of punchy, exotic, perfect-for-summer shoes. Happily, I purchased these on sale at Shopbop for a little over a hundred dollars. Mystifyingly, I then found clone-wedges peering out at me from the pages of December Vogue for $555. In retrospect, it appears that pathetic justification was trend-spotting-fiscal-genius-in-disguise.

Printed Wedges by Stuart Weitzman, Vogue Australia (December Issue)

Talk about cosmic imperative! A clear astrological endorsement of my wedge-shoe-buying if ever I’ve seen one (psst…Shopbop still has some on sale…get in quick).